Save the Baby: Home Rush

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There are a lot of people who enjoy playing Save the Baby: Home Rush because it is a free game that is engaging.
In the exciting puzzle game that you are playing, your objective is to be able to assist the parents in getting back together with their children! The residents of the neighborhood who were wearing diapers concluded that it was a good idea to wander around, so they reached out to them and transported them back to their homes. The parent and the child can be connected by drawing a line from the parent to the child. But watch out for danger. To avoid any impediments, you need to steer clear of fences, dogs, and even burglars! In addition to this, you need to make sure that the routes taken by the parents do not collide. Performing any of these actions will result in you failing the level, and you will be required to begin the game from the beginning. It is not too tough to complete the first few levels of the game; however, as you move through the game and encounter new challenges and infants, the tasks become more challenging. Before you move, give some thought to the situation, and make sure that every infant arrives home in one piece.
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