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The top-down arena shooter action game Brotato is based on the Roguelite gameplay style. You take control of a potato warrior who can wield up to six different weapons at once in order to combat the hordes of aliens. You can construct the best possible fighting style by customizing your character with a wide range of qualities and items.

The objective of the Brotato game is to stay alive until assistance arrives at the end of the level.


Make use of a weapon with automatic firing in a fight that moves really quickly.

Each round can be completed in as little as twenty-five minutes.

You can modify your turn by using attributes. Is Brotato going to turn out to be the crazy warrior or the brainless sniper with one arm?

You have your choice of a number of different objects and weaponry, such as flamethrowers, submachine guns, grenade launchers, or even sticks and stones.

Try to stay alive during the turns that last anywhere from 20 to 90 seconds and eliminate all of the aliens as quickly as possible.

You can boost your experience by collecting resources and stealing stuff from defeated adversaries.