Stickman Clans

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Famous stick figures star in the new real-time strategy game Stickman Clans. The game is set in a medieval world, where you take command of the army and its individual troops and attempt to survive.
Acquiring more gold will allow you to hire additional soldiers. Mine worker, stickman soldier, archer, Spartan, giant, and catapult are all at your disposal. Strengthen your army by arming and training your stick figures to their full potential. Build up your defenses. The fabled war of stick figures is about to begin. The battle's result is entirely up to you.


Tons of brand new areas and challenges
Brand-new look that's sure to please any and all stick-figure gaming enthusiasts!
Fresh and original cast members
Wide Variety of Play Options
Improve the forces and the units.
Extra Stages
Incredible animation and daredevil stunts!
Superb high-definition visuals
Original Soundtrack
Intense Gameplay