Bicycle Stunt 3D

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Bicycle Stunt 3D here is an arcade game in which you perform bicycle stunts from a third-person perspective in 3D. You can avoid all of the obstacles by jumping and sliding around them. This will be handled for you. When you are still quite far away from the next obstacle, you shouldn't hold the action button down. I would recommend that you press the button at the exact right moment.

You can now play the amazing game Bicycle Stunts 3D online. This game focuses on bike stunts. You merely need to mount your bicycle and set off on an adventure along perilous paths that are traversed on floating platforms and feature a variety of hazards and tough curves. You have the option to play the game in either level mode or challenge mode, which is reserved for more experienced players.

If you want to continue playing the game, you need to make sure that you touch the green icons along the way. You need to go through each of them in order to establish a checkpoint and ensure that the level is completed successfully once you cross the finish line. Enjoy yourself while playing the Bicycle Stunts 3D game!


How to play

Press "W" or the up arrow to jump, then press "S" or the down arrow to descend.