Cookie Clicker 2

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The most fantastic and long-awaited Cookie Clicker 2 has a very addictive sequel that is now accessible on your device.
Making cookies is really simple:

By touching a massive cookie, bake as many cookies as you can. By tapping more quickly, you can bake more quickly!

When you have enough cookies, go to the cookie shop and use them to buy upgrades and PowerUps that will help you bake cookies even more quickly!

Watch out for yellow cookie rain and flavored milk waves. They'll support you in producing more!

You now have access to two new power-ups: a time machine that speeds up both time and the manufacturing of cookies, and a wheel of fortune with free spins every day!

Thanks to Cookie Clickers 2's endless gameplay, you can play it for as long as you like, or at least until you create so many cookies that your computer can no longer keep track of them.
You will become the God of Cookie Clickers if you bake 1 quadrillion cookies!

Never before has baking been so much fun. Get moving right away! Invite your buddies over to bake while you compete to make the fastest cookies!