Enchanted Heroes

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Join Enchanted Heroes in a thrilling real-time role-playing game set in a fantastical world, and get ready for an epic adventure! Discover the wondrous realm of Enchanted Heroes and fight your way through thrilling fights against a variety of formidable enemies.

You can play as one of a large number of heroes, each of whom has their own set of special abilities, and work your way through a variety of exciting adventures and challenges.

While competing for glory in this riveting online game, you will have the opportunity to feel the thrills and spills of furious conflicts. Therefore, sign up for the adventure of a lifetime today by playing Enchanted Heroes online and becoming a part of the lore!

You can do damage to enemies by clicking on them, but your hero also has a passive ability that deals damage over time. Always keep an eye on how your heroes are doing physically.


How to play

Clicking the left mouse button will start the game.