Advertisement is a multiplayer online io game in which you try to capture as much area as possible. Extend your range as far as possible. In this online web game, use your paper block to grab space from your online opponents. Capture as much space as you can and strive to score the highest in the lobby.

When you walk outside of your own hue, your tail becomes visible. When someone succeeds in catching your tail, you will be eliminated. As a result, you must take chances in order to increase your colored area.

How to play the game

In the game Paper io, you must control a colored square of your choice. Use this block to navigate around the map and cover as much ground as possible. If the other player touches you, you can also take your own life at any time. The goal of the game is to occupy land by forming rings that include your snake.

Your snake will die if it is hit by the tail. When pursuing an enemy, look for a weak point in their land. Always pay attention and ensure they are not hazardous to your health. Have a great time!


If you are familiar with classic games like Snake, you will definitely love With easy-to-understand game rules and simple control, this is a good choice for entertaining and relaxing after a long day of working.