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Embrace the vibrant universe of JelloTetrix jelly crystals. Its design is reminiscent of the renowned Tetris, and players must strategically arrange blocks in patterns in order to eliminate them. Efficiently devise your strategy to maximize your point total. Share your score with your peers. Have pleasure!

How to play

Those who enjoyed the original Tetris will also enjoy this one. The game has amassed a great deal of popularity and received high praise on account of its visually stunning jelly blocks and exciting gameplay.


Strategic movement is used to arrange the descending blocks into a complete row. Their removal from the board will grant you the opportunity to accumulate further points. To remove the maximum number of vanishing rows from the board, players are required to utilize a strategic approach.

While playing for the entire allotment, score the most points possible. If the plaster slabs cross the finish line, you will be lost. Advance through the challenging phases while showcasing your intellectual prowess and logical reasoning. 


Regulatory: Up Utilize the arrow keys (left, right, and bottom) to rotate. (arrows) Quicken
Restart R