Buddy Blast Physic Puzzle Game

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Your ability to solve puzzles is tested across seventy different stages in the Buddy Blast Physic Puzzle Game. You must calculate the exact steps using the items provided at each stage to help the ragdoll escape the screen.

You must have a complete comprehension of the purpose of each item that the game supplies. As you progress through each level, you will be challenged to think critically due to its unique level of difficulty. As you progress through the game, the level of difficulty begins to increase. Can you complete a certain number of levels?

How to play

In Buddy Blast, are you prepared to take on the challenge of solving puzzles? The difficulty of the obstacles at each level increases, making each level a unique and challenging experience. It is your responsibility to help the ragdoll fall into the lake, which is the required area.

At the beginning of each level, the ragdoll is dangling from a string that is dangling in the breeze on a red object. Touching those red things can eliminate them. To assist the ragdoll in falling to the desired location, it is necessary to time and leap correctly.


If the ragdoll occurs outside of that region, you will be required to start the level again until you can pass it. Gray objects are considered to be immobile and cannot move. You can move the blue object, but you cannot destroy it. There is a possibility that green items will bounce.

For the ragdoll to have an easier time completing the level, it is important to remember the function of each object. There will be a progressive increase in the difficulty of the game will increase as you progress higher, with more obstacles. Put your talents to the test by completing levels and reporting the results you've achieved.