Super subway hero Stack

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Jumping is included in the fun and easy game known as Super subway hero Stack. To earn a good score, all you have to do is tap or click on the screen to have the character jump over the bricks.
Be careful not to smash through the mortar.
No matter what occurs, no matter what the atmosphere outside is like, the temperatures underground are always the same, which guarantees surfers will also be conquering unending tunnels again.

Inside this game, Subway Superhero Stack, it is up to you to assist the hero in traveling the full distance and navigating all of the challenges that are in his way. And they are tried and true: obstacles that you have to leap over, trains that you have to disembark from, switching tracks, and so on.

If you exercise deft control over the hero, he will willingly carry out your orders in the game Subway Superhero Stack because he is confident that he's going to be able to travel a great distance by either running or riding the board.