Siren Head Sound of Despair

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It was only a few months after the Belgrade bombing. 1999 was the year. My husband and I went camping in the suburbs. There's a beautiful piece of nature there. Trees, grass, and clean air... But then something happened! My husband had left when I awoke! I have to find him. I hope he is not injured. All I have now is hope.

I run into him while I'm looking for my man. His name is Siren Head. Is this some kind of secret military project or some strange mutation? I have to fight it; I must destroy it. Siren Head Sound of Despair is an extremely interesting game, let's play!


Fantastic 3D graphics frightful monster Simple controls There are three types of weapons: an axe, a gun, and a shotgun. The game can be played in either the first or third person.

How to play

1st mouse: fire weapon Mouse 2: raise or obstruct sights W, S, A, and D: move the player. Sprint with the remaining shift. Left: Prone Ctrl: Crouch Space: Leap F: Utilize item R, which stands for reload. H: weapon holster C: Alter Camera View V: Melee Attack M: Display Map Escort Tab: Pause