Garten of Banban

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There's a brand new, fantastic game out there called Garten of Banban, and you should definitely try it out! If you visit Banban's Kindergarten, you're bound to meet some new pals. Don't let yourself go crazy or exterminate while you investigate the strange building. Learn the terrible history of this location, but tread carefully; you are not alone.

Every kid has a soft spot in their heart for Banban's Kindergarten. The reason for this is the establishment's mascot and logo, the Banban and Friends Gang. Banban has ensured that no one at their kindergarten feels lonely.

Everyone who wanted their kid to go to a good school sent them to Banban's Kindergarten. This was the case until one perfectly normal day when everyone disappeared, and now it's up to you to investigate the facility to figure out what occurred.

When you have a friend to share it with, everything is better. Take advantage of your drone's nifty navigational abilities to help you get around the facility, and let it comfort you when you're feeling lonely or afraid.