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Backrooms originated on the forum named 4chans, where a member submitted a random photo of an abandoned room with yellowed walls, flickering led lights, and various entrances and exits.

Someone chose to clarify the true meaning of these rooms: a maze that you want to escape from as quickly as possible. The Backrooms may appear to be areas with humidity and mold, but in truth, they are realms where you may lose yourself room after room without finding the exit or seeing some terrifying creature in some hallway.

How to play the Backrooms game

Inside the Backrooms is a horror multiplayer game that combines many elements to create an intense night with friends. Explore, think, and interact, but be cautious: it is said that various beings are out to find you.


The Backrooms Game is best suited for those looking for a thrilling experience. Although this game has a frightening theme and takes you away from reality, it can effectively help you relax. To win the Backrooms Game, you must keep your calm and concentrate on the unusual items that surround the building and passageways.

Make an attempt to find hints after notes and clues in order to reach the exit as quickly as possible. You may feel uneasy at times due to unusual noises and a dismal atmosphere, but do not be alarmed. Maintain your focus and your brain on your goal, and everything will be solved with a single click of the mouse.