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Among Us

Among Us is a stealth arcade game created by fans of the popular multiplayer PC game Among Us. As a member of a space crew on an intergalactic starship, you must plan covert sabotage and kill your teammates one by one without drawing attention.

Crewmates can win by finishing all tasks or identifying the impostor. 

How to play the Among Us game

A group of four to ten (usually ten) players is at a location doing tasks while one to three impostors (usually two) do everything they can to stop them and kill everyone. 

The crew will win if all of the impostors are killed or all tasks are completed.

If the number of crew and impostors is the same, the Impostor will win.

The imposter will win if the crew can't stop sabotage that leads to a disaster.

Games can be longer or shorter depending on how many people are playing, how good they are, and what options the group chooses. When a game starts, you will be given a role, such as Crew or Impostor. This will change your goals and how you achieve them.


In this game, you are able to choose your preferred mode of play. Players can increase the number of impostors, tasks, visibility, among other things. Moreover, you can dress up in your preferred color, attire, and hat.

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