Friday Night Funkin'

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Friday Night Funkin' is a rhythm game in which players engage in freestyle music battles. Enjoy the fantastic beats as you press the arrow keys in sync with the music to defeat your opponents.

Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) contains a variety of fresh, unique tunes ranging in difficulty from easy to difficult. Friday Night Funkin's distinctive score was composed by KawaiSprite (Isaac Garcia).

Rhythm games are fantastic for playing alone or with companions. The mechanics are straightforward, and whether you succeed is frequently determined by your sense of rhythm and visual signals.

How to play the Friday Night Funkin' game

In this game, players have to complete the instructional level and begin continuing through the game's plot, or switch to free-play mode to compete against any of the game's tale characters. In story mode, you can adjust the difficulty to match your skill level.


With the easy-to-understand rule, Friday Night Funkin' is suitable for those who love music-theme games. In this game, you can test your rhythm, and your ability to read visual cues.

Extensive career mode with a slew of unique characters

Depending on your rhythmic abilities, there are several difficulty levels to choose from.