Angry Snakes

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Playing the free and entertaining game Angry Snakes is something that a lot of people take pleasure in doing.
As you progress through this game, your goal is to preserve your life for as long as you possibly can by collecting dots that will allow you to expand. You can move the snake in several different ways thanks to the movement of your mouse. This means that the snake will follow your cursor. As you look at the screen, you will see that there is a leaderboard located in the upper right-hand corner. To begin amassing points, it is essential to collect the luminous dots that are scattered throughout the arena. However, when playing, you need to take care to prevent colliding with other players. If you do so, you will be killed. In addition, you can eliminate other players by luring them into hitting you. By consuming their constituent parts, you can increase your growth even further.
We should get started with the game right away.