Eating Simulator: Physics Food

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It is time to dive into the world of food in Eating Simulator: Physics Food. Prepare to be hungry. In a fun physics game, you can eat meals with different characters. Physics controls how much different kinds of food are put into the mouths of figures with different looks. Enjoy yourself!

How to play

The animals in our cartoons are very hungry and do not have anything to eat. To finish the levels, fill their mouths with food. There are different needs for each level. You are about to find bread, steaks, fish, drinks, and a lot of other foods.

Also, the characters are very different, with cute doodles of people, dogs, and birds, each with their likes. Try to feed them, and make sure it goes down their throat.

But it is not that simple. As you level up, the strange characters and unpredictable results will start to surprise you more and more. Show off your creativity by getting through 33 difficult rounds.