Spongebob and Friends

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Spongebob and Friends is a free online game for kids that lets them find differences. In this game, you have to find seven things that are different about each picture. There are 10 levels to choose from. You have one picture that is correct and one that is wrong.
SpongeBob has been missing you and wants you to play the game Spongebob and Friends to see his favorite place, Bikini Bottom.

Don't say no to a request from your favorite hero. He has already put together ten sets of two pictures for you. There is a catch in each of them, and there may be as many as seven of them. The changes between the right and left pictures are small.

You should be able to find them in just a few minutes. The timer at the bottom of the screen will tell you how long it will take. At first glance, the changes can be very small and hard to spot. But you won't let Bob down. He's counting on your attention and creativity, and I'm sure you'll have enough time in Spongebob and Friends to search and finish the levels on time.


How to play

You can play the game on your mouse or by tapping on the screen.