Om Nom Connect Classic

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Om Nom and his friends need your help to finish their latest colorful adventure. Your assistance is requested in rounding up Om Nom Connect Classic pals so that he can treat them to all of the delectable candies.

To reach this goal, you will need to combine identical charming monsters or candies to take them off the game board. Are you prepared to work with Om Nom and his companions to achieve the greatest score possible?

Sadly, the beasts are blocking each other, so you will need to exercise caution as you search for a spot that will allow the monsters to be connected.

But don't worry because Om Nom offers some amazing perks that will assist you when you're in a tough spot!

You can either use a magnifying glass to get a quick look at the different combinations of monsters that are possible or you can use the Om Nom Shuffle to entirely mix up the order in which the monsters and sweets are displayed on the board.