Happy Glass

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Happy Glass is a free and entertaining game that a lot of people like to play.
You must use a pencil to draw a line to manage the water flow that fills the glass to go through the game. A line can be made by clicking the left mouse button. Make sure to include the pedestals that sit between the faucet and the glass when drawing the shelf that goes from it. Before beginning the process of drawing lines, there are a few things to consider. You are first and foremost not a very good line-drawer. It is only possible to draw one continuous line at a time. As soon as you release the left mouse button, you will be able to turn on the water and open the faucet! Once you stop sketching, gravity and the flow of water will both move the line. Remember this. To make sure the wire stays in the right place, utilize the pedestals that are positioned all over the floor. The configuration of the platforms inside the building is something else to consider. Most of the time, they fulfill the twin roles as obstacles and resources to aid with your painting. Investigate and utilize your environment to solve the riddle and fill the glass to the designated line. The level is deemed to have ended after you have filled the glass to the fullest, at which point you can move on to the next one.
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