Skibidi Rush

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Welcome to the game called "Skibidi Rush"! Your attention and speed of reaction will be evaluated. Today, you will meet a toilet that longs to compete in races despite the fact that they are physically unable to do so. It is possible to help the hero if you are a good person. You will need to determine your level of endurance and how long you can play this video game before you are eliminated. Ready? Then we're going to get started!

"Skibidi Toilet Rush" is about to take you on an amazing ride, so be ready! Dive into the world of Skibidi as you embark on a crazy journey through a variety of challenges centered around toilets. This game will keep everyone entertained and involved with its perfect combination of the excitement of Skibidi and the odd toilet features that it incorporates.

You will be put through exhilarating skibidi courses in the game "Skibidi Toilet Rush" that are full of unexpected encounters with toilets. Demonstrate your skibidi prowess as you navigate through this one-of-a-kind kingdom while avoiding various obstacles.

How to play

To adjust the player's direction, you can either tap the phone or click.