Squid Run

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In Squid Run, players have to try to stay alive as they run through a road full of dangerous obstacles. It was based on the popular game Squid, and it has pixel images that make it fun but hard to play. Use your many survival skills to get past all the dangerous obstacles. How far could you go?

How to Play Squid Run

Get ready to go on an exciting trip with thrilling music! This survival game is designed with a lot of hurdles in mind. You have to keep the character away from spikes, poisons, traps, and deep holes so they do not get stuck. Get up and down fast, jump high, crawl, and avoid things.

The game moves quickly, so you have to be able to respond very quickly to any obstacles that come up. Always be on the lookout for danger and move quickly; it is everywhere. Do not be careless, or you will lose everything and have to start over.