Geometry Jump

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In the video game Geometry Jump, the player is tasked with navigating a succession of increasingly challenging mazes as rapidly as possible. As you negotiate the geometry of the levels, you will need to watch out for spikes, barriers, and other potential dangers. Put your knowledge to the test!

How to play

In this enthralling super-reflex game, your mission is to make your way through the geometry while avoiding a number of challenges and perils that pop up along the route. by avoiding any risk that might have been there. Upon impact, your cube will splinter into a million pieces. And it goes without saying, that you will suffer a defeat and be forced to begin again. Let us begin playing the game from the beginning of the level. On the other hand, the further you progress, the quicker the movement pace will grow, and the more challenging it will be. Flying through dangerous terrain is a great way to improve your Reflexes, so try it out!