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The social online cooperative game JustFall.LOL features penguins. To decide who will win the race, players take control of penguins and participate in combat in hexagonal arenas.

It follows simple guidelines. Use the arrow keys on your computer to jump, hop, and slide along with the adorable penguin. You can also change your character's skin by choosing from 12 distinct colors and a range of game types.

Each game will pair you up at random with another player, or you can ask friends to form an eight-person group. Your task is to control the penguin and keep it alive on the ice for as long as you can. When we walked on, icebergs started to fall. You ought to stay away from the holes. Dive into the water as the last person to receive your name on the scoreboard.



How to play

To move about, use the mouse, WASD, or arrow keys.