Temple Run 3

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You are about to enter Temple Run 3, an endless running game. Run away from the demon that wants to eat you by taking control of the character and running away from it. Move quickly and carefully to avoid the obstacles along the road.

When you play Temple Run 3 online, your objective is to take on the role of a courageous explorer, who must demonstrate quick reflexes and quick thinking in order to dodge dangerous obstacles and traps.

A researcher goes to an old castle that's ruled by an immortal monster to gather information about it. Those, who have the audacity to trespass, should be eliminated. Do you enjoy high-stakes pursuits? Do you get a kick out of the rush of adrenaline that comes from being pursued by demons? The unearthing of a tomb that dates back to the beginning of the ancient world.

Avoid getting caught in traps, and get away from the large beasts. Participate in the fun and revel in the company of your close companions. We wish you a fun time playing the game and we hope that you do.