Happy Wheels Squid

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Happy Wheels Squid shows up just as Flash is about to die a dreadful, profane death. The distance was close. We apologize for the inconvenience. I sincerely hope that you are concerned about losing.

If you didn't know it was being worked on, here's some great news. This is the game's first public release, so kindly give it some more time to work out any bugs.

Despite the fact that I still prefer Flash, I value this version because it works surprisingly well on mobile platforms. However, there are currently no on-screen mobile controls available for this version of the app. This will be in the new version.

If you need to test it out quickly on your phone, a Bluetooth keyboard will be quite useful for you. Although some of the more difficult stages move much more slowly at the higher framerate than they do at the lower framerate, the game plays at 60 frames per second.

I may provide a 60 Hz version on a different page for users with really powerful CPUs, even if it is currently available through a setting. The final part of the game, Happy Wheels JS, must be a perfect replica of the original in terms of both design and gameplay.

The player, level, and replay databases have not changed since the game's first release. The only thing lost is the inevitable collapse of the cosmos.


How to play

To move left or right, use the arrow keys; to jump, use the space bar.