Shell Shockers

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Shell Shockers is a cooperative first-person shooter game for many players. In each of the three different modes of play available for this online game, your objective is to eliminate other players by shooting them or blowing them up with bombs.

You take control of one of these egg characters that can wield weapons. It's the pinnacle of all egg-shooting games available online!

After you have entered the game, choose a name for your character, personalize your egg, and select one of the three game modes. In this game, you have to put in a lot of effort to keep your own eggs safe while also dealing damage to the eggs of your opponents.


Use tactics when you play.
Swiftness of activity
Acquire egg slugs and egg bullets.
Consider yourself an egg for a moment.


frantic first-person shooter game
a one-of-a-kind focus that revolves around chicken eggs.
a wide variety of playable modes and weapons
You may personalize the eggs and shop for additional goodies.


How to play

Support for gamepads!
WASD to move
To fire it, make a left-mouse click.
Press the E key to switch weapons.
The Q key launches grenades.
Press the R key to reload.
space to jump
Hold down the shift key in order to zoom in and aim.