Boneless Girl

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Ragdoll games like Boneless Girl are always entertaining to play. In this peculiar flash experiment, a woman in a bikini keeps falling over and over again. The player of Boneless Girl directs a girl who can fall onto the ball without restriction.

Simply click on the girl who is falling through enormous bubbles and shapes, then click on the girl's body and drag her onto the bubbles to complete the task. As the game does not impose a limit on the number of objectives that must be completed, you must continue to guide the girl toward falling onto the ball.

She has the power to bend and move about thanks to the body components that are joined together in joints with her bikini lady. It is absolutely necessary that you assist her in navigating the darkness and lowering herself.

Ball of varying sizes were put in a variety of locations and jumbled up with one another. There are gaps in between them that might be either large or quite small, but they are always big enough for the girl's body to slide downhill.

Anyone can easily join the game and provide assistance to their characters in order to advance further. The game is not selective in any way and is completely free.

How to play

Use your left mouse button to grasp the girl.