Wheely 2

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Wheely 2 is a game that is played not only by a great number of individuals but also by a large number of people who enjoy playing it.
As you play this game, your objective is to assist Wheely in his search for the car and to bring the lovers back together with your assistance. This is the purpose of the game. A total of sixteen levels are available, and each one is jam-packed with a variety of challenges and new characters to explore. Wheely 2 is the second installment in the short tale that chronicles the existence of the small red automobile. It takes place as you go on a journey that takes you across land, sea, and even the top of the sky. The story is told in the second half of the short story. All of the levers, gears, and buttons need to be pulled, turned, and pressed to get everything going. When you have the left mouse button chosen, you will have the ability to interact with the systems and get a sense of how everything works through this interaction.
The game is now ready to be played, and it is ready to occur.