Vex 8

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Fans were introduced to Vex 8 with numerous new challenges. In the most recent installment of the renowned Vex series, intelligence, agility, and skill are highlighted.

Furthermore, clandestine locations exist where uncommon rewards can be obtained. Traps and additional perils must be surmounted via running, jumping, and climbing. What is your estimated range prior to encountering the barriers?

How to play

Our proficient and athletic stickman is all set to proceed. Similar to previous installments in the series, this one has the same objective. As you approach the final gate, progressively more hazardous stepping stones appear at each level. Make an effort to collect every coin conceivable. These may be applied toward the purchase of new playing attire. There is an extensive selection of Skins available for Discovery and Application. They, once completed, will grant access to additional benefits and achievements. There are objectives, that one may elect to pursue at every stage. The infinite mode is available alongside the standard levels in Vex 8. While in this mode, make every effort to advance. As one advances, experience accumulates. At what stage of the game have you progressed?


Vivid, animated, and 2D
User-friendly Interface
Gameplay that is simultaneously stimulating and demanding
Multiple Levels of Difficulty
It is possible to acquire scores of unique skins and medals.