Super Mario Run 2

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Super Mario Run 2 invites you to join Mario on an exciting journey. The second edition begins with a journey to vibrant, gorgeous realms. To overcome perilous obstacles, you must perform perfect high jumps and spins while in the air. To reach the princess at the end of each level, you must collect coins and perform missions. So, what is your limit?

How to play

Prepare to face the perilous challenges of this second installment. Here, you will be in charge of navigating Mario through three distinct realms. Overcome obstacles by making perfectly timed leaps into the air.

The game moves at a high speed, so players need to be nimble with their character controls. Complete as many levels as you can on platforms that are always shifting. Gather coins and other items to improve his equipment and abilities, making his quest easier. Help locate the princess by completing the levels!


Runs on desktop computers and mobile devices with the touch of a finger.