Jumper Man 3D

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Prepare yourself for the adventure that awaits you in Jumper Man 3D as you explore a bizarre planet. Dieses jumping-platformer game is addicting, and it features a large number of hard levels for you to discover and conquer.

If you want to come to life, you need to go forward on the track and leap into the circles that are present. Maintain your pace and continue to gather additional individuals in longer queues. Conquer new territories and amass gems in your quest. Have a good time!

How to Play

Experience a thrilling trip while immersed in a delightful simulation environment. The objective of the game is for you to either sprint on the track, direct the character to go left or right, or jump on each stage. Attempt to enter the circle to assist in the birth of the baby. Strive to avoid making contact with the circle's edge; Doing so will result in your defeat.

While you are running, you should acquire diamonds along the route and direct the infants to form a long line. If you can cross the finish line and fly through the lovely mid-air with an unending supply of diamond strips. To increase one's strength, double the number of individuals now present. To what extent are you able to finish the additional levels?