Flex Run

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With Flex Run, you can become an agile athlete. Using acrobatic maneuvers, circumvent every object in the house. Your agility is tested with each action. Household furniture will continue to advance at an accelerated rate, necessitating dexterous and elegant motions. In the event of a collision, a fresh start will be required. Gain experience and personalize your character. 

How to play

Are you prepared to face this amusing and intriguing challenge? To improve your gymnastics to the point where you can compete effectively, you must perform more exercises. To avoid the furnishings, assist the acrobat in leaving or entering the home. Avoid furniture with flexibility, such as shelves, cabinets, and chairs, because they will hurry towards you.

When objects are elevated above ground level, their velocity increases, necessitating dexterous control skills. Avoid collisions at all costs, or you will have to start from scratch. As your pass rate improves, you will accumulate additional points. Use these points to customize your character. How many stages are possible to complete?