Egg Dash

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The Egg Dash is waiting for you to step into its breathtaking universe! This place immerses you completely in a universe of lively music and colorful pictures. Eggs must be navigated to discover new worlds in this fast-paced race. How far are you willing to go?

How to Play

I am confident that this is an appropriate game for you if you are someone who enjoys a challenge and wants to improve your speed. The game instructs eggs to avoid obstacles such as sharp spines, hazardous blades, and countless other things that unexpectedly appear on the path.

Your goal is straightforward. It is imperative that you pay attention and quickly control your character while avoiding all of those obstacles. To dodge obstacles, simply touch or click on them to leap or fly, and hold down the mouse button to fly. You mustn't allow any carelessness to occur, lest your character be forced to begin your adventure all over again. Establish a new benchmark for the greatest distance that you can travel.