Coin Thief 3D

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Prepare for a thrilling and never-ending journey in the  Coin Thief 3D. Obstacles along the endless course will severely challenge your reflexes and intelligence. Proficient thinking and promptness are critical for achieving success in the three-dimensional dynamic realm. To achieve the status of the greatest coin thief of all time, one must initially surmount challenges and amass currencies.

How to play the game

The main goal of this thrilling competition is for you to demonstrate your ability to traverse an ever-changing derby avoiding obstacles using lightning approaching the time limit to obtain coins that increase both the level of excitement and the difficulty. Dive immediately into awe-inspiring three-dimensional environments that serve as the backdrop for your daring exploits.

Due to the critical nature of timing and accuracy in the game's design, each run is unique and thrilling. Anticipate some mind-boggling action as you utilize your talent, reflexes, and strategy to become the greatest coin burglar of all time. During this ceaseless endeavor to pilfer coins, only the most agile and expeditious gamers will prevail.


The WASD or Move button is activated.