Wheelie Bike

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In the amusing skill game known as Wheelie Bike, your objective is to keep the front end of your bicycle lifted off the floor for the longest amount of time possible.
If you tilt back too far, your bicycle will begin to tip backward, which will cause you to crash against the pavement. While navigating the obstacles, you should attempt to maintain your equilibrium.

How to play the game of Wheelie Bike?

The objective of this game with a bicycle is to perform a wheelie and ride just on the back wheel as you proceed down the road. Continue on for as long as you possibly can, and endeavor to travel the farthest distance feasible.

Your ride will come to a stop the instant the front wheel of your vehicle contacts the ground. Should you lean back too far and lose your balance, you will need to begin the exercise all over again.

As you get closer to the starting line, tapping and holding the screen will lift your front wheel off the ground. If you need to regain your equilibrium, release the front wheel to cause it to drop, then tap it to bring it back up to its normal position.
Along the route, you'll need to negotiate hills, roll down drops, and navigate around other obstacles. Each one will cause your bike to tilt in a different direction, so you need to respond in a timely manner to maintain its equilibrium.