Wheel Draw Master

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Wheel Draw Master is about to commence bicycle racing; However, one of the competitors, whom you will be tasked with directing, is missing wheels. This means that you have the sole responsibility of providing wheels.

To accomplish this, utilize a marker in conjunction with the vacant sheet of paper that is situated at the bottom of the display. 

Create a wheel in any form that you desire. Not required to be round. Changing its configuration during the race is possible in response to the impediments the cyclist must traverse. Altering the design of the wheels can also accelerate the rider's motion. A golden crown atop his cranium signifies a position of authority in Wheel Draw Master.

Unusual Levels: Dive into an assortment of enthralling and distinct levels. Realistic Physics: For an authentic cycling experience, experience bicycle physics as it truly is. Strengthen Your Ride: Employ Power-ups to fortify your bicycle and surmount challenges. Select Your Rider: By visiting the Skin Shop, one can acquire all riders. Daily Rewards: Claim thrilling rewards by playing daily. Ascend the Leaderboard: Compete against players from around the globe and strive to reach the top of the Leaderboard!

Compete by drawing bicycle wheels in order to win the contest. Wheels are interchangeable during the course of the race. Arrive first at the finish line. Have Pleasure!