Uphill Rush 12

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The entirely novel and much-anticipated version of Uphill Rush 12, which is now out, has received a lot of attention. Music has never before possessed such a strong presence.

Your objective is to get as close to the finish line as you possibly can without causing any damage to your vehicle so that you have a chance to win. Even if you drive a car, it will be difficult for you to complete this version in its entirety.

Loops, treacherous routes, and leaps are all components of the difficulty. But don't worry; there is still a chance for you to wow the other people in the crowd. As you progress in the game, additional skins will become available to you.

If you manage to progress through more levels, you will unlock additional coin rewards. The location of the coins, the tricks you perform, and the overall amount of coins you have all contribute to the final score. Make use of these coins to unlock extra characters and attractions in the game. I hope you have success and that you have fun!

You can have some fun by playing different action games by yourself or with your buddies, such as Uphill Rush 12.


How to play

Adjust either W or up Accelerate to the left by pressing the arrow key. Use the arrow keys to rotate to the left or right. Use the arrow keys to rotate to the right or down. arrow key = slow down
Space equals an increase in speed.