Stickman Hook Online

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Stickman Hook Online is a humorous game in which players put their abilities to the test. You take control of a stickman who can swing and make his way through hundreds of difficult stages.

The stickman game is colorful and lively, with over a hundred different challenges of increasing complexity. Unlocking new characters along the way will give you a variety of options to choose from while you swing. Pay attention to the direction and angle of your swing if you want to make it to the finish line.

Take on the role of the spider stickman in this game. Complete all of the stages while maintaining the same level of agility as a spider. To accomplish this, you simply need to do the following: Tap to hook and create incredible jumps. Swing from one hook to the next to advance through the stages. You must avoid all of the obstacles that are in your path. You have to press the screen to grab your stickman with your grappling hook and then release it to let go.


How to play

Tap the hook to make spectacular jumps, and do your best to avoid colliding with any of the obstacles in your path. Can you do all of these acrobatic moves in a sequence without making any mistakes?