Stickman Epic

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Stickman Epic wants you to help them defeat the undead. Begin navigating the labyrinths, slaying the ravenous zombies, and amassing money. Direct the hero's attacks against the adversaries. Killing every last zombie will unlock the levels. Strengthen yourself and beat challenging stages by upgrading advanced goods.

How to play

Will you join this thrilling conflict? A hero has emerged for you. Prepare to rescue the planet from swarms of undead zombies as you navigate through enigmatic labyrinths. Before they assault you, strike back. Keep in mind that zombies can shooting and harm you with their bows.

Quickly eliminate them by avoiding and attacking them. Gather the extra cash that will be yours for every zombie you slay. To defend yourself from enemy attacks, you may level up and equip more weapons, as well as choose from 72 different armor choices. Take on fifteen stages, defeat six monsters, or test your Mettle in Survival Mode. Display your combat prowess!


How to play

Command W/forward arrow key (A/left) = jump click the arrow key to go to the left
D/right click the arrow key to navigate to the right