Stickman Boost 2

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Greetings, and welcome to the second installment of Stickman Boost 2, which has even more perilous new tasks. As if the initial installment caused a frenzy among a large number of Stickman game enthusiasts, this second installment promises even more new features.

The player takes control of a stickman as he navigates a mystery maze that contains a multitude of traps and perilous obstacles. Finish all ten stages of the challenge, as well as the two extra levels!

How to Play

If you are prepared to demonstrate your agility and ability to overcome challenges, then you should press the start button and demonstrate your talents. It is up to you to assist the stickman in navigating through a variety of mazes and completing spikes, spinning fans, a hacksaw, alien robots, buzzsaws, flying dart guns, and other potentially hazardous traps at all costs.

If you allow any carelessness to occur, you will have to begin the process all over again. When executing high jumps, soaring in the air, or sliding down, it is important to pay attention to the instructions. Follow the green pointer indicator to ensure that you are heading in the proper direction. You must remember to gather coins (each level contains fifty coins) and finish the level as quickly as you possibly can. To get on the scoreboard, you should strive to earn the greatest possible outcomes.


Move with the control and arrow keys. Either left/right or A/D
To jump in, press the W key or up arrow key.
You can use the S key or the down arrow key.