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Stickman Boost will test your maneuverability across an obstacle course. The game introduces a variety of hazardous and arduous obstacles into the environment. Determine an approach to meticulously direct the stickman through the path's numerous obstacles.

Climb walls, perform high leaps, crawl, parkour, swim, and engage in similar activities. This game will rigorously test your abilities. Engaging in extensive practice is imperative to achieve success. Do you have the necessary self-confidence to successfully cross the finish line?

How to Play

The objective of the game is to guide your stickman through a labyrinth filled with perilous obstacles and pitfalls using exceptional parkour maneuvers executed with the utmost fluidity. This game contains a variety of perils, including spikes, rotating fans, bouncing shinninggan, unstable platforms, buzzsaws, mace, alien robots, swimming pools, and moving hacksaws. To circumvent sharp ceilings, one only needs to descend by sliding downward. It is highly advisable to maintain a safe distance when approaching extraterrestrial beings in the atmosphere due to the substantial danger they pose. You should therefore endeavor to outrun their pursuit by sprinting at the fastest possible speed. Furthermore, an advanced level of proficiency in parkour abilities is imperative. You have access to an assortment of vehicles, such as motorcycles, rockets, kites, and others, that enable you to traverse impediments in this game.

It is critical to keep in mind that the race's ultimate objective is to be completed as quickly as possible. Follow the arrows' direction to safely reach the finish line. You must visit every single one of the numerous waypoints located throughout the course. There is no cause for concern if an unforeseen demise occurs while you are on the move. You have that option at your disposal should you wish to commence the journey at the subsequent checkpoint. Compiling coinage is an additional crucial obligation. Make every effort to collect an extensive quantity of coins.


You ought to resist improved opportunities.
To avoid becoming disoriented during the game, you must monitor the green indicators and navigate through them by running and jumping.
To maintain your progress, it is necessary to inspect every single checkpoint.
Prompt thinking is essential due to the perpetual presence of obstacles.
In particular,
There are ten phases in total; the mixture contains two of them.
Avoid several perilous obstacles and pitfalls.
Encourages participation in leaderboards
A multitude of maps
Two-dimensionally stunning visuals and vivacious audio
The regulations


Utilize the "ARROW KEYS" to navigate the screen by jumping and sliding.