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Soccer Physics Online invites you to take part in a soccer match between two of the world's best players. To demonstrate your exceptional soccer skills, you should try to score as many goals as possible on your opponent's soccer net. Earn the title of highest scorer and take home the trophy for this year's competition!

How to play

For those of you who are passionate about soccer, now is the moment to hit the field and demonstrate your skills. If you are a professional soccer player, failing to win is not acceptable. To win the competition, you should strive to score five goals before your competitors.


The supporters beneath the stands were cheering enthusiastically. Refrain from letting them down! You need to master the skillful manipulation of your character to prevent any of your opponent's ball from entering your net. The head-to-head mode allows you to compete against your opponents in a head-to-head match.

Find the finest leaping movement you can to score and find the best leaping movement possible. The winning team squad will receive incentives; you can use these bonuses to buy more skins for your players.


Utilize the mouse.