Sister Location Night 4

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Sister Location Night 4: Play a game from the Five Nights in Freddy's series to get ready for a new horror narrative featuring our well-known and terrifying animatronics. Get a chill down your spine from the fright!

Are you on the edge of deleting everything in a fit of rage? Hold off on starting the nuclear chain reaction just yet; we will be able to demonstrate to you how to solve this crazy spring lock puzzle!

The spring lock portion of Night 4 loaded with miniature dolls is the type of problem that has the potential to drive you to chuck stuff and uninstall the game. It is easily the most challenging section to be discovered in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location.

After being inserted into one of the motorized characters, you will experience a period of time, during which you will hear loud clanging noises and a female voice yelling about „something being right on the inside“ before the face plate is removed.

Move with the W and S controls.

Make some movements with a computer mouse to look around.

Use the left mouse button to interact.