Amanda the Adventurer

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A very new and extremely enjoyable horror game is called Amanda the Adventurer. Discover the hidden beauty that exists all around us by following Amanda and her best buddy Pelote through their exploits.

You will sing, laugh, and learn a lot of interesting stuff if you play this game. On the other hand, make sure you follow Amanda's instructions to the letter.
Come alongside Amanda and her best friend Wooly as they embark on a series of exciting journeys across this wondrous planet and share what they discover along the way. Have fun together, share laughs and experiences, and continue to educate one another. Just make sure you listen to everything Amanda has to say and act upon it, or else she will become upset.

The player assumes the character of Riley Park, whose aunt, Katherine Park, bequeaths her home to Riley and her cousins as a result of the fact that Katherine Park is about to pass away. It will be hard for them to return after viewing the videos that are in the attic, she says to Riley in the letter regarding the tapes that are in the attic. I wish you happy gaming!