Evil Nun Schools Out

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The goal of the terrifying survival game Evil Nun Schools Out is to make it through five days in a creepy school where an evil nun resides. You've been invited to a summer camp outside of town, and you'll be staying in a dilapidated convent.

Caution! Hide in a safe spot like your bed or a locker; the evil nun is on her way to find you. Various items can be picked up and used to unlock the door. The terrifying adventure with the evil nun begins in a deserted classroom.

How to play
Your peaceful weekend in the great outdoors was cut short when Sister Madeline locked you up at Eagle's Junior High. Now that you're afraid, you need to focus on escaping this weird area alive and foiling her nefarious scheme as best you can.

For the following five days, you'll need to scavenge the house, stock up on supplies, and avoid the vengeful nun at all costs. If you really want to get into the spirit of this game and pretend you're in that terrifying school, dim the lights and crank up the volume. Is there any chance you could escape before it's too late?


How to play

Keyboard shortcuts include W, A, S, and D for movement; W, A, S, and D for shooting; F for manipulating things; R for reloading; space for jumping; shift for running; CTRL for crouching; X for lying down; and G for throwing grenades