The Baby In Yellow 2

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Infants, while typically beautiful and weak, can frighten players by upsetting expectations and seizing control. The Baby in Yellow 2 will undoubtedly appeal to fans of the first season.

Come and pretend to be a nanny. Try to look after the baby while also completing the assignment. There will be plenty of scary moments and surprises along the way. Best wishes!


There are some differences between this updated version of Baby in Yellow 2 and the first section. In this version, the baby's babysitter wakes up in a frightening, sunken house with no way out.
Then she must just feed the monster like a piglet in a wall, and when the monster awakens, perhaps to eat this nanny, the game comes to an unexpected conclusion.

How to Play

You can move items with your mouse and manipulate your field of vision with the mouse wheel.
Finish your chores by following the directions on the wall.
To exit the game, use ESC.