Short Life 2

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Are you seeking a platform game that is not like any other in terms of its difficulty, excitement, and originality? Then your search is over; all you need is Short Life 2! The traditional gameplay of platform games is given a fresh new spin in this game, in which you are tasked with guiding your hero through a variety of stages.

Because each level presents its own unique set of obstacles, you will need to make full use of all of your wits in order to be successful. Short Life 2 is certain to keep you delighted while putting your skills to the test in a variety of different ways. These include navigating tough leaps, dodging opponents, acquiring things, and solving puzzles.

How to Play

In Short Life 2, you'll be in charge of guiding your ragdoll through a total of 20 levels of mayhem.

You can navigate about by pressing the left and right arrow keys, or the AD key.
To jump or stand up, you must press the up arrow key.
Use the down arrow or the letter S to get down. To start again, press R.
After the game is over, you can start afresh by using the space bar.