Rainbow Friends

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Rainbow Friends is a game in the horror genre; The objective of the game is to complete a number of objectives or quests on a map that is populated with terrifying monsters that will test your mettle. Because of this, it will be significantly more challenging to win the game.

In order to finish Rainbow Friends, you will need to make it through all five nights and successfully accomplish all of the assignments that have been given to you. Since then, Rainbow Friends have been made aware of any failures by the sound that they create.
It is crucial that you survive the first night, in order to have the opportunity to understand the map without having to worry too much about the creatures.

How to play

The first thing you have to do on the first night is to locate some missing blocks, so you can move on to the next activity. As a consequence of this, you will need to look for these locations on the map. However, keep an eye out for the restroom! Because this is a creature known as Blue, and it materialized whenever there was even the tiniest noise.

The most effective strategy for evading the numerous monsters that can be found on the map is to take cover inside the box so that you are not seen by anyone. Blue and Green are zwei of the monsters that players are most afraid of facing in the game.

Tip 1

Color blue may show up at any moment, whereas green may show up in showers or at entrances to lower levels after Monday night. It is important to point out, that avoiding these monsters is not a simple task; Nevertheless, you can get away from Blue by using the hidden mode, and you can enjoy yourself by feeding Green.

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Tip 2

To get the most out of it, communicate with the other people who are using it.

How to play

To interact, use the WASD keys or touch controllers.