Ragdoll Mega Dunk

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You are invited to immerse yourself in the exciting world of Ragdoll Mega Dunk and to take part in an exciting challenge alongside the best basketball club in the world!

At the same time, as you are directing the character to immediately leap into the basket, you need to keep an eye on its location and be ready to aim precisely. The main character is taking part in a weird slam dunk event. Are you able to aid them in performing the most jazzy and dangerous acts possible?

How to Play

The aim of this game is not to dunk the ball, but to dunk oneself into the basket!  Your characters will launch themselves onto a platform at the beginning of each level. Clicking and dragging the cursor is all that is required to control the direction that your character is moving when they are in the air. At first, the game's fundamentals are straightforward; however, as you progress through the game and earn more advanced levels, they will become more complex. Imagine a trampoline in this situation. When you reach certain stages, you will be required to bounce off of it to go to the basket. Therefore, you need to aim properly and then change the trajectory of your character. Throughout the game's stages, you will accumulate money and unlock new characters. Do you believe that you will be able to unlock all of them?


Three-dimensional sights that are quite exciting
An interface that is simple to utilize
An exciting and challenging gaming experience with a wide range of levels
Obtain access to a wide range of character skins.